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Hey There, I’m Rebecca!

I grew up with “Gypsy Feet”, meaning that I love to travel and find myself growing stagnant if not changing, being challenged and growing in some form or another. My story starts out simple enough, my family are all drawn to the open road.

My love for travel and change began at a very young age.

When I was 11, I traveled with my Dad, a long haul trucker, for 2-weeks during my summer vacations. Summers between middle school and high school graduation included week long canoe trips, Girl Scout camps, and open road explorations with friends and family.  Immediately following my high school graduation, I enlisted in the Army. Uncle Sam promised to give me a career, the opportunity to attend college, and to show me the world. Boy did he deliver!

My military career took me to South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, South Korea, New Jersey, New York, and a few other places I would not have seen otherwise. During my seven year enlistment, I developed my leadership skills, morning fitness routine, and love for independent travel.

Once I completed my service to country, I attended college to study Natural Resource Recreation & Tourism. This is where my love for sharing the beauty of the natural world began. I discovered a passion for connecting people with nature via storytelling. Sharing how and why things happen in Mother Nature’s good time and enriching people’s experiences by connecting them to Nature. My true love for public speaking brought me to the podium at my college graduation ceremony. I delivered the commencement speech to a 2,000 person audience. I shared the words of wisdom that I still live by today…

I have followed this advice throughout my career as a Forest Service professional, during my international travels and backpack trips into the Wilderness, and soon in my new venture into becoming a certified Life Coach.

Now, I am openly pursuing my passion by combining the four things that, over the years, have brought me the most happiness – fitness, a good book, connecting with nature, and travel.  I know that these are the foundations to a good life. Because of my commitment to each of these….

Wherever you are in your journey, I can help you to make it better. I want to love on you. That love can come through sharing a good book together in my BOOK CLUB, enjoying a workout that  THE FIT GYPSIES can’t stop talking about, preparing for the trip of a lifetime using my tips FROM THE ROAD or simply enjoying a conversation about the highlight of your day.

Meet Your Guide

Meet Your Guide

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This Amazing Journey!

While I have a lifetime of experience behind me, I’m also moving to new horizons in my own journey.  This blog is named “This Amazing Journey” because, as I offer to meet you where you are on your path, I am also growing and sharing my own lessons learned.

In the Fall of 2017, I begin my Life Coach training with the Coaches Training Institute so that I may offer even more developed and intensive one-on-one and group classes for living an intentional life.  Join me, won’t you?