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“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” – William Arthur Ward

Hello Grace,

Thank you for reading this article, visiting my blog, and for being a part of my life in a positive and meaningful way.  Today is Thanksgiving and for all that I have in my life, I am definitely giving Thanks this year.

This beautiful website, these pictures, and every part of what you see in my videos is inspired by the kindness of our shared world.

What started as a “fun idea” to share my life lessons on a blog, expanded and grew and brought me into new and interesting situations (like a  photo shoot) that I never thought I would experience.

Here are just a few of those experiences….

  • Searching for, auditioning, and hiring a photographer.  Setting up the photo shoot backgrounds, choosing and buying my outfits, inviting my friend to be a “client”, self-tanning, house cleaning, and experiencing the BIG DAY!!
  • Walking through my photo’s, selecting my images (out of more than 200 options) and determining what “clean ups” should happen with my photos.  My body and face are unaltered.  We cleaned up background pieces and made sure my wood pile was large enough to cover the wall behind me.
  • Establishing my “brand” via a 7-page thought provoking questionnaire.  Setting up a Pinterest page to share ideas and inspiration.  Finalizing the feel of my personal style through easy to identify features on my page and pictures.
  • Building my website.  You cannot imagine all of the parts, components, heartache, frustration, and moving parts that make a website flow!
  • Attending my first Life Coach training.  In an effort to save money and to share a real life “budget travel” experience, I came home with bed bugs.
  • Advertising and leading my first Fit Camp with some very trusting and AMAZING women.  We started as friends and are quickly becoming a family in health.
  • Taking each photo, using each opportunity for a selfie to consider the perfect story that it will accompany.

These are the parts and pieces that immediately come to mind in the “construction” of this online and social media experience.  The tools that allow me to come into your life and home via your choice of communication (Facebook, YouTube, this website).

The support of family and friends.  The trust and faith of my clients and Fit Camp family, guidance of my mentors and uplifting emails, messages, texts, handwritten letters and phone calls of support…. all uplift me and keep me on track to all that I know I can and will provide to this ever growing community. Finally last, but not least, I am grateful for my best dog friend – Sadie.  She greets me every day with enthusiasm and unquestionable support regardless of my self doubts or loss of “steam” to do all that this new venture requires of me.

In reflection of some of the stories that I have shared, here are some of my favorites.

  • When your commitment to make change gets hard, show yourself some love by writing yourself a Love Letter to You.
  • If the day becomes to much to bear, you have the power and ability to make it slow down.  Practice Presence wherever you are and regain control and proper perspective of your own personal power.
  • My own personal favorite, a reminder to Enjoy The Suck.
  • Finally, the very practical tool of preparation.  The Tax Man Is Coming is a lesson for everyone and ESPECIALLY for the young entrepreneur.

Thank you, one and all, for supporting, emailing, messaging, and loving  on me as I grow and expand into my own potential.  All the while with my mission to help YOU to grow and expand into your own potential.

You Are Inspiring To Me