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“The tax on being different is massive” – Vivienne Ming

Hello My Fellow Entrepreneurs!

February is when I first learned about the expense, receipt, and income system that I’m sharing today.   Every week since February, I have had this  nagging, taunting, and haunting feeling that I need to get myself together.  Do you know how cumbersome it is, how mentally taxing and emotionally draining it is to delay this inevitable exercise in responsible business ownership?

Do not put off until October, what you can do once a month!

 I sat down this past Sunday, for 6 hours, and compiled all of my business expenses, travel receipts, and recorded – by date – every dollar that I have spent on my business.  Do you know how tedious that activity was to complete? OMGosh!   Now that I have done the deed, you can bet that I will be tracking and recording everything in real time.

Are you a budding entrepreneur?  Please let me help make your life easier!  Watch this video, take a note, and make the purchase.

OH!  And don’t forget that I’m kicking off an October “Get Your Booty Moving” Fit Club on October 15th!!!   Just sign up here – On My Facebook Page – and lets get moving!!