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“You didn’t come into this world.  You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.” – Alan Watts

Hello Child of Nature,

My love for Nature began when I was very young.  I grew up in a small town where staying outside until midnight playing “Ghost in the Graveyard” was a nightly practice during summer break from school.  Do you know this game?   It’s like a game of tag, but your feet fly over the wet evening grass and the person that is “it” is the ghost awaiting you in the dark.  Whomever see’s the “ghost” first yells “ghost in the graveyard – run – run – run!” and everyone runs for home base. A friend hiding in the darkness of your yard, waiting to pounce, and racing at breakneck pace with your heart pounding loudly against your ribcage as you run for the safety of homebase. Those memories, watching my feet fly over the distance, and arriving to safety are some of my most fond childhood memories.


What does this game have to do with your intentional connection with Nature?


Being outdoors, spending time with the “Wild” world makes my heart pound just like that game of my youth.  Cultivating an intentional connection with the outdoors brings clarity, peace of mind, and acceptance of all in life that is bigger than my problems – needs – desires.  I LOVE feeling dwarfed by Nature. She pulls me out of my head and delivers me to a higher understanding of myself. It is my time outdoors in the heat, the rain, the dust and the discomfort that not only tests my commitment to the experience, but it strengthens my spirit against depression, anxiety, and overwhelm. If I can be hungry, uncomfortable, and travel miles over mountains, then I can definitely handle a tough day at the office.  Hear me?

I want to hear what being outdoors – connecting with Nature has taught YOU and how we can build on those lessons together.  Tuning in to Nature is about having balance in life.  Without this relief from social media, work – life demands, and disconnecting from constant connectivity then we lose track of what is real, important, and genuine.  Please don’t let that happen.

 Let’s walk in the fresh air, soak up the sun, and revel in our beauty together as children of Nature.


  • Someone that needs to be reminded to get up from their desk.
  • A friend that needs to get out of their office cubby.
  • Your girlfriend that forgets how beautiful she is and needs a reminder of her Nature given worth.
  • Your Mom – Aunt – Grandma – Sister that needs to know how grateful you are that they gave you an appreciation for Nature.
  • A loving friend that you need to connect with and go for a walk to catch up with fresh air.
  • Someone you LOVE greatly.

Comment below or email me at rebecca@RebeccaAHavens.com and lets talk about our love of Nature!   I’m putting together ideas for monthly groups and would love to hear yours!