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“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” —Dalai Lama

Hello My Inner Zen Friend,

Recently I have found that my phone rings, people walk thru my office door, and what feels like a dump load of work arrives at my desk.  It’s the way of things these days.

Today we are more worked. More booked. More Committed.

All of this naturally promotes anxiety.  One of the biggest side effects of anxiety is feeling like you’ve lost control.  Once you have that feeling, it can escalate and then nothing gets done.  You start feeling overwhelmed, no sense of control, and then stuck with no direction forward.  No one needs this in their life and it’s becoming a daily feeling for many of my clients as they are over stimulated with messages of “how to do more with less”.  Don’t let this get you down.

While it may be a message we are receiving daily.  Today I want to show you an easy way to find some inner calm amidst all of the mayhem and demands of your day.  Its as simple as asking “how do I feel right now?” and actually FEELING the moment.

True, you can drink chamomile tea, do yoga, or meditation and these are ALL valuable and wonderful ways to find your zen space. Today’s share is a tool that is highly mobile, easily used on the craziest of days, and almost invisible when in the midst of a hectic situation.  Plus you can do it in a crowd!


Give this a watch and then comment below how it worked for you.  I’d love to hear from you!