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“That it will never come again is what makes life sweet” – Emily Dickinson

Hello Fresh Starter,

Welcome to 2018 and ALL of the possibilities that it holds!  Am I the ONLY person to get excited, set the goals, and THEN be overtaken with overwhelm?

New beginnings always bring obstacles to get past, confidence to build, and opportunities for growth.  With all of those possibilities, it can be daunting to sort which direction to go and to not become disabled with the banquet of options.   The best way to get started and stay on track is to put a few simple things into place.

Accountability and Consistency will ensure your success.

Here are the keys that I’ll be putting to use this year…

  • Weekly Accountability Meeting – WAM!
    • I have a lovely fellow entreprenuer accountability partner that I meet with every Saturday.  We discuss our previous weeks goals, achievements, short comings, and what we will do different to be better the next week.
  • Consistency
    • This is the BIGGEST tool to your long term success.  Simple daily adherence to change, over the long term, will get you to your goal.  Much faster than a short, big scale burst will ever achieve.
  • Short-term Goals
    • My 2018 goals are broken into quarters (Jan – Mar / Apr – Jun / Jul – Sept / Oct – Dec) so that my focus and results are more noticeable.  My end of year achievements will be much larger than if I try to follow-thru on a huge full year goal.
  • Simplicity
    • This year, let go of the things that do not feed your soul with joy.  I am releasing some “energy sucks” that I have spent far too much time and energy being distracted by in 2017.  My time and focus will be better spent on my true passions – travel, coaching, and sharing my story in hopes that you find yourself in my experiences.  I want to dive deep into friendships and connection within my community.

Please join me (and support my new years drive to make change) over at my facebook page.  ENGAGE with me…. I won’t know that I am serving you if you don’t talk to me.  Here’s where you can find me > Rebecca’s Amazing Journey!

Here’s my video message to you…. and a thank you for your patience.