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“Home is the nicest word there is.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Hello Friend and Blog Family,

I was born and raised in Missouri.  Most of my family (cousins, aunts, uncles, Dad and sister) still live there.  There is a special magic that happens every time I go home. It used to be that “going home” meant time with my Grandma and Grandpa and visiting the farm.

The magic of spending a week with my Grandma is that we cooked a lot, went shopping, napped everyday after lunch (a family requirement) and visited at least one of Grandma’s friends or siblings.  EVERY time I went home, my priorities re-aligned and my pace of life slowed down.  All of the drama of college, going thru a divorce, working multiple jobs, and just L-I-F-E went away.  I was reminded of what was essential, good, and right in life.  My head stopped spinning and everything felt in balance.  I would carry that balance with me for months.  I miss my Grandma so much.

Thankfully, my visits home still bring me the same peace of mind and grateful heart.  I have learned that time is truly the only thing in life that we can never, ever, ever replace.  Every time I drive past the old farm house, I easily recall all of the beautiful memories and return to make more while my family are still here.

Only, these cooking, shopping, and napping memories have a slightly different feel.  My desire is to have MORE time and more QUALITY with my family.  This years visit, I am bringing health to my family and we are making beautiful memories together.  Here I am writing at the end of my first full day home and today has been very memorable for sure!

We went to the community fitness center and experienced our first shared “Senior Stretch” class.  I LOVED this shared class, filled with women over 70, a community of “regulars” setting up their spots, and my Dad…trying to back out of this shared experience.

“It looks like this is a women’s only class….” He says as he moves toward the door.

“Nope, this is an EVERYBODY class!” and I layed down his yoga mat indicating his spot in class.  Hahahaha

After class we went grocery shopping for a week’s worth of paleo inspired recipes we are going to prepare and enjoy together.

These are going to be priceless memories of my family making our health a FUN family event.  I was not raised being super active with my family, but there’s no deadline on making change.  Here we are, making wonderful things happen…together.  While I’m in Missouri making memories, I’ve been waiting for the PERFECT post to share about another mid-BEST woman that is making memories for her family.  This is that post.

The beauty, and personal motivation, for my Coaching business is to help and support women making BIG positive changes in their lives. One such beautiful and inspiring woman, is Beverly.

Beverly is a brand new homesteader.  We met thru a mutual friend when she was looking for a way to improve her strength so that she could easily lift hay bales in the summer and bags of salt in the winter.  As we have gotten to know each other, I am more and more impressed with her boldness to walk into such a very different way of life!!

Today, I would love to introduce you to her and her blog – Ross Roost.

I know you will LOVE her, her chickens, her homestead, and soon her goats!!

Pull up a seat, there is a lot of great reading and fun tales coming your way….

Click on this picture to read all about her, her family, and her homestead!!