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“People are Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole” – CTI

Hello Beautiful You,

I attended my very first Life Coach training in Seattle, WA, over the weekend of Sept. 15-17!!!    As with everything that I do, I chose to look at it as an amazing adventure. What started with an 8-hour roadtrip across the Palouse in western Washington, then took me over Snoqualmie Pass in the Cascade Mountains, and finally arriving at the hustle and bustle of downtown Seattle.

I chose to stay at the Green Tortoise Hostel for an expanded adventure!!  This hostel is clean, well organized, staff are friendly and there are numerous free events offered for travelers on a budget to explore the greater area.  FREE breakfast and Sunday dinner are offered as a way to build community and open connection between travelers of all backgrounds.  It was a beautiful experience!  Plus the location cannot be beat – directly across the street from Pike Place Market!!  Try to get that for anything under $300.00 anywhere else in the city….good luck!

Go see, and stay, for yourself – http://www.greentortoise.net

Now, let’s talk Coach Training!!

DAY 1 – It begins!!

The first day of training was Friday, beginning at 1pm.  I spent the morning exploring Pike Place Market, people watching, and contemplating the afternoons events.  Thankfully the pace and pre-work for this training, FUNDAMENTALS, is little to nothing.

I had to setup a client to work with on Saturday night and familiarize myself with the training location, but otherwise simply get my head into what I was about to embark upon and show up for registration.

FUNDAMENTALS,  the 1st of 5 consecutive trainings, is a broad overview, with intensive exercises, into what the Coaching experience looks and feels like.  By the end of the day, I had experience first hand what an “official” Coaching session looks like as I was the only student to volunteer to demonstrate it for the rest of the class.  GULP

By the end of the day, I was emotionally and physically tired. In hindsight, I see where the emotional exhaustion comes in…but did not anticipate it at all!

Since day 1 is the broad sweeping overview, day 2 is a deep dive into the “Doing” side of Coaching.

Day 2 – Do It With Gratitude

This is the “Doing” day where we learn each facet of a Coaching Session.  It is also a day of pure humility and “knowing all that I don’t know”.   See…. in my day job, every single person that walks thru my door is seeking guidance, direction, and an answer – yes / no / it depends.   In Coaching, I am facilitating and guiding my client to arrive at their own answers.  We all have the answers within us, sometimes we need a little help to arrive at them.

The reason that a Coach cannot direct or provide an answer, is because then my client is not truly invested in the outcome.  How many of us visit the doctor to hear “diet and exercise will cure or decrease many of your ills” only to walk out the door and be no more motivated to get sweaty with exercise or add more veggies to our diet?

By the end of this day, I was wiped out.  I did rally and experience my very first Coaching session with my very first client!!  To say I was nervous… and that it felt clunky…are understatements. I know I will get better.  I didn’t come into the world walking. I don’t expect I’ll go into Coaching running on day 1!


Day 3 – Practice the Process

This day, our final day of FUNDAMENTALS, was all about the “Being” aspect of Coaching.  What does it mean to “be” a Life Coach?  This training helped us to get in touch with answering that question.  The most powerful exercise of the day was for classmates to identify – for me – my known strengths and traits that are very visible to anyone that meets me.  Then they identify the traits that they know I  have, but do not come to the forefront as much as they should.  These are the traits to “bring forward” in my practice.  To help embody these traits and hold true to bringing them forward, we identify known archetypes.  “Joan of Arc” “Amelia Earhart” “CEO” are a few.  My archetype to embody is the CEO.  I have the warmth, kindness, and adventurers spirit but need to bring forward the leadership, polish, and vision that lives within  me for the benefit of my clients.   Next up?  We exaggerate demonstrating these traits with a partner in a Coaching session!!  It was amazing and very empowering to see the dancing, frolicking, and high kicks that were enjoyed during this session and the embodiment of everyone’s alternate personalities.  LOVE LOVE LOVE

When the training was complete, genuine heartfelt hugs were shared all around.  Excitement for returning to see everyone at our next training, sharing email and phone number information, and reveling in the bond that was created filled the room.


Here’s the in-person experience share and a request – IF YOU ARE CURIOUS WHAT A COACH DOES OR HOW I CAN BE OF SERVICE TO YOU, PLEASE ASK.  Share a comment or send me an email at rebecca@RebeccaAHavens.com

Take care gorgeous!