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“Meditation is a vital practice to access conscious contact with your higher self.” – Wayne Dyer

Good Morning Conscious Beauty,

I have been diving deep into meditation the last two weeks.  The practice of awaking and moving directly into meditation starts my day in the most beautiful and peaceful way.  I get out of bed, put on some thick fuzzy socks and my favorite hoodie then walk out to my couch.  A soft light comes from my lamp as my eyes adjust from the darkness.  Then I put in my wireless headphones, pull up my favorite meditation chant on YouTube and sit cross legged for a minimum of 5-minutes.

The very first time that I did this, I wept.

I didn’t understand why.  I wasn’t sad or angry or depressed.  The tears silently slid down my face in steady streams.  It was as though the healing words of the chant pulled something out of me that I didn’t realize I had been holding onto deep in my heart.  Those words caused tears every day for a week.  Each time the depth of their welling lessened and then there were no more tears.  The tones of the chant had healed me.  I felt my heart swell with gratitude. I still listen to this mantra each morning and it speaks to my heart.  I love it.

Inspired by my private morning practice, I found a one-day retreat that guided me thru 4 different meditation styles plus taught me about clearing my space of unwanted energy.  These meditations were all beautiful.

SHAMANIC MEDITATION – The first was a guided 25-minute Shamanic Meditation.  This was extraordinary because it took me to a vision.  I have a very favorite pose for my most intentional adventures. Regardless if I am being photographed or not, I spread  my arms and legs wide and make myself take up as much space as possible.  I call it my “Rebecca Starfish” pose.  I spread myself so wide in that place, space and moment so that I can absorb every single vibration of that experience.  Rebecca Starfish has absorbed the moments of…

  • Standing outside of the helicopter that flew me onto the top of a glacier in Alaska.
  • Standing on the float of a floatplane at the edge of a remote and isolated lake.
  • Laying under the most divine star filled sky as a meteor shower raced from one horizon to the next.
  • Splayed out inside my tent as I watched northern lights fill the sky.

During my Shamanic Meditation, I saw myself in Rebecca Starfish pose.  Instead of me absorbing the light of the moment, I was radiating light from my heart.  I glowed as though there were a lighthouse light deep inside my core and it was radiating love and light to everyone.  This vision let me know that I was in the right place, at the right time, and with the right people. I was exactly where I needed to be and doing what I needed to be doing to come more into my own higher self.  It was amazing!

MANTRA MEDITATION – The second meditation was a mantra meditation.  This was my very favorite!!  We used 2 different mantra’s and repeated each one twelve times.  A singing bowl was chimed on our 11th speaking to let us know that the next was our last.  We were told to not get hung up on the sound of our own voice.  Each of our voices were to be heard, enjoyed, shared, and was in perfect pitch.  The second mantra really felt powerful and ran thru my core.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

CANDLE GAZING MEDITATION – Our third meditation was a candle gazing meditation.  There were candles on a centerpiece sitting on the floor in the center of our circle. We gazed at the candles and let our eyes go soft, allowing the candles image to go fuzzy.  We watched as the flame danced and noticed, at the base of the flame, where the candle color changed from blue to yellow to white.  We allowed our worries, our fears, and our thoughts to burn away from us in the flame.  This meditation felt trance like as the flame danced and bent in my gaze.

WALKING MEDITATION – Finally, we shared a walking meditation.  Our guide shared where to walk, not to talk, and how to experience our surroundings in a new and intentional way.  We held our hands just off of the surface of objects, plants, trees, and felt for their energy. I focused on the river flowing by and its fluidity.  I felt the long length of that river as it flowed miles from upstream to rush past me on its way to a destination still miles and miles away from where I stood watching.  The feeling of all that surrounded me was invigorating, inspiring, quieting, and soulful.  I felt connected to Nature.

When we were done, there was a small alter with a metal sheet.  On the sheet, were various herbs.  A sheet identifying what strength each herb carried and what power would be released at its burning layed beside the herbs and a lit candle.  I chose to burn a piece of a dried rose.  A rose is for friendship and love.  I wanted to wish each of us a new friendship in this shared experience and love as we traveled from this sacred place to our homes.  Our sacred places. Our meditation centers.

There are lots of videos for you to experience these meditations in your own home and sacred space or with a friend.

I decided not to create a video for today’s post because I felt it was better for you to experience silence.  I want you to explore which meditation practice works best for you.  I wish you tears of joy, moments with Nature’s vibrations, and connection with the silence that resides within you.  Namaste


Here is the mantra meditation that I practice with each morning…