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“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance.”   – Alan Watts

Hello My Fellow Mover & Shaker,

Is it just me or are you feeling the need for change?

Autumn is in the air, my summer decadence is settling in and I’m ready to come indoors and make change happen. This time of year brings me inside and invites me to reflect. It’s when comfort food (beers, pasta, sweets) call me to be near fires, share time with friends, and seek cozy corners. This is the time of year for fuzzy sweaters, warm layers, and PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!  It’s also when I find that I slide on an extra 10 pounds, a bigger sized pair of jeans, and no one notices because its hiding under warm layers of clothes.

This year I want to buck the trend!!

Why?  Because I’m single and mingling.  I want to stay cute, feel sexy and sassy.  Am I alone in this desire?  This is hotsprings season in Idaho!!  The skinny dip trips, swimsuits, and holidays are well on their way.  I want to feel good in my Halloween costume, not be at my largest pair of pants at the end of Thanksgiving dinner, and I want to wear something fuzzy and fun for a Christmas date.  Oh… did I mention that my birthday is in the holiday mix too?

I am putting together a group for both the single & mingling ladies and the ladies deep into a relationship status, because sex appeal is real!

There is NOTHING sexier than feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin.  Plus shedding a few pounds just in time for the holiday parties, family photo’s and ringing in a New Year is ok too!!


It’s always more fun with friends.  To learn more, sign up at my Facebook page by CLICKING HERE 

I’ll include some sweet offerings to keep you motivated and dedicated to YOUR goal!!

  • Meal Plan
  • Workout Calendar
  • Weekly Check-ins (with your very own Life Coach – ME!)
  • Delicious recipes
  • Fun community of other Movers & Shakers!