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My family has found fitness!  I know this may sound funny, but growing up we were not a fitness oriented family.  We enjoyed comfort foods and all things sweet and cheesy.  We were by no means lazy, there are LOTS of memories of going to the woods as a family to fall, buck, and load rounds of wood.  Then we would bring that home and while Dad split, my sisters and I stacked.  Our family vacations were canoe trips on Missouri rivers.  My summer’s were spent outside playing tag or ghost-in-the-graveyard until the late hours of the night. However, healthy food choices and exercise were not a primary focus in our lives.

Fast forward to today.

My Mom and I are regularly sharing updates of our fitness routine and eating style.  Together she and I are changing the way that we eat and what we eat – together!  Mom has also shared that she desires to complete a 5K run.  My middle sister enjoys running marathons and has invited my youngest sister, myself, and our Mom to join her this year.

My youngest sister and I are working together to learn more about supplements.  Living in Alaska, I find that St. John’s Wort becomes important come September when the days begin to get short and light fades.  Calms Forte helps my sister to find a restful sleep. Vitamin D is essential to everyone and even more significant for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest where sunshine availability is limited.

My Dad and I have become accountability partners.  Every morning I take a sweaty selfie after my workout and tag him in the Facebook post.  I provide a daily count of my workout days and his days of being smoke-free.  After 56 years of smoking, each day is a full dose of heart loving TLC. Click here to see my 3-week non-smoking celebration dance for my Dad!!

I am proud of us and consider myself so lucky that we have come this far together.  The real surprise and gift of gratitude came when Dad declared, during our Thanksgiving call, that he is going to lead the charge on a Family 5K! Beginning next year, we will find a 5K that is appealing to all and we, as a family, will commit to doing it together.  AMAZING!

We have big changes coming our way.  Mom is going to retire, my youngest sister is going  to graduate college, and I am looking at farm life. Dad is recovering daily from his heart attack and every day brings him further from his life as a smoker.  If there was ever a time when  focusing on our health was a priority, now is that time.

We are becoming a Fit Family.  Each of us are coming to our own realization of what improved health means to us – quitting smoking, eating better, improved emotional well-being and physical fitness.  Independently we are becoming stronger and this is making us stronger together.

I am looking forward to our first Family 5K, my sisters graduation, my Moms retirement party, and my Dads 1-year anniversary as a non-smoker.  I am celebrating all of this.  I am supporting all of this.  I am a part of all of this.

Fitness, it IS a Family Thing!

Todays Dose of Kindness: There’s a new year around the corner, talk with your family about health history, current health conditions, and then make a plan for bringing fitness into your family.  The family that sweats together, shares more holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries!

Comment below about your family’s fitness traditions or new traditions in the planning.  I’m always looking for fun new ideas!