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“If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie

Hello Fearless,

Have you ever wanted something sooooo bad?  I mean so bad that you would do ANYTHING to have it?  Have you committed and achieved it?

Did you commit with your everything and then NOT achieve it?

I am the first to share that I’ll jump in with my everything, tell EVERYONE what I’m going to do, and then quietly, silently, and peacefully walk away from that goal.  It’s taken me a while to understand how I can be so sure in the beginning only to not see it become reality.  The revelation of the real “why” behind not reaching my goal became crystal clear in a few simple words.

“If it’s exhausting, you might not be doing it right. Fun shouldn’t be exhausting.”

This simple advice came from a friend when I was sharing my exhaustion with the dating world. Dating is supposed to be fun, but instead I was finding it to be draining.  When my friend gave me this simple advice, it clicked for me.  It isn’t that the activities that feel draining are actually exhausting.  It’s the fear behind those activities that drain me.

That’s why I have walked away from my goals, dreams, and desires.  It’s not that achieving them is exhausting, it’s that I listen to that little whisper of fear.  The fear that tells me achieving those goals, going on those dates, losing that weight, or striving for my personal dream of being a coach isn’t going to bring me the happiness I think that it will.  So why not accept where I am and stay content with my current level of success, happiness, or freedom.

Not today my fearless friend. Today I’m committing to my future, my happiness, and my success.

The picture included with this weeks post is my commitment to change.  I’ll be sharing my last picture, in 80-days, when I finish my first quarter goal of completing an intense fitness program.  I will also share all of the lessons learned while facing my fears, pursuing my happiness, and living in happiness instead of fear.

Watch here to see first hand all that fear can touch and how you can flip it to your favor.