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“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

Hello Boldness,

The hardest part is the start!

  • Or is it the follow-thru?
  • Or the learning curve?
  • Or the loneliness?
  • Or the practice of consistency?

I got super focused on laying the ground work for my Coaching business at the beginning of 2017.  I setup this website, created a YouTube channel, and started putting some serious energy into creating opportunity for myself.  Along the way, it can be very lonely because it is all me setting this up.  I sit in my home, at my computer, and brainstorm what to do next. Those brainstorms can also be overwhelming… confusing… even anxiety inducing.

What did I do to solve this very personal dilemma?

I talked with a friend. Neither of us knew, at that moment, that what we would create would become so essential to our personal success AND well being.  In that fateful phone call, we agreed to be companions in all that becoming an entrepreneur would entail.  Here’s what we do weekly..


We share an email that includes 2 personal health focused goals.  This is self-care at its finest.  We set personal goals around moving our bodies, eating clean, and journaling our thoughts for the week.  This allows us to keep the focus on how we are handling stress and nourishing our bodies.

We also include 2 business building goals. These are activities that are pushing our business forward.  Generally these are small activities that, once complete, take us further than some larger activities that may take more time to complete.  Breaking down the big stuff into bite size pieces stops the overwhelm and develops our sense of ownership.


At 9:00am we talk on the phone and provide a personal “week in review”.  We discuss our highs and lows, achievements and room for growth from lessons learned. What is most valuable from this sharing call are the personal revelations that we both arrive at by the end.  What we share about ourselves reveals our motivations and personal strategies for growth.  Best of all, we get a different perspective… an outside perspective.

Turns out, this third party perspective allows for objectivity.  It also allows for compassion.  We are always our hardest and worst critic.  She and I are able to provide clear, objective perspective on balance and that progress may not arrive as we expected, but it is still coming to our lives.  I think that THIS is the best gift from this arrangement.

You can say that this is a “Success Partner” relationship, but in fact it is something bigger and better.  This is an opportunity for us to lovingly support each other while mirroring the accomplishments and blind spots that we cannot see for ourselves.  I cannot share the abundance of my gratitude for this new turn in our friendship.  We have known each other for 13 years. We have traveled together and inspired each other to great heights.  This new, exciting, and enlightening phase of our friendship is awakening an entirely new aspect of both our friendship and our lives.


We celebrate our successes  –  forgive our shortcomings  –  are compassionate to our vulnerabilities.
We are much more than “success partners”.

Do you need accountability?   Help aligning yourself to your personal goals?  Clarifying your vision?

Email me at Rebecca@RebeccaAHavens.com