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You’re going to go thru tough times – that’s life.  But I say “nothing happens to you, it happens for you”. See the positive in negative events. – Joel Osteen

Hello Stronger-Than-You-Know,

You have had that job that totally sucked your soul?  Right?  I mean we have ALL had that job… right?

Don’t tell me… you’ve had the landlord from hell?  I mean.. seriously…was the landlord in a town that wasn’t the right fit for you too?  NO WAY!!!

Wait… now we have bonded over the horrible job and the crappy landlord in the unhappy town.  Have you had a time where it was hard to find a friend?!

NO WAY!!!  Are we besties?  Oh.. not yet?  Give me a minute.

Yup, this was my reality not so long ago.  In the video below, you’ll find out how I got myself out of this sticky tricky mess.  Before you watch it, if you are currently in a situation that just keeps getting stickier, more suffocating, and you are not seeing a way out….. please ponder answers to these questions and then hit play.

  • What specifically in your situation is making you unhappy?
  • Have you tried everything… I mean EVERYTHING to improve it?
  • Does it feel like everything you try simply makes your situation worse?
  • Are you ready to do something so radical, so off the charts, that you would NEVER have considered it otherwise?

Now that you have given these questions some serious thought, watch the video!!

I want to hear your thoughts… read your comments….please share them below!


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