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Presence Practice

Presence Practice

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” —Dalai Lama

Hello My Inner Zen Friend,

Recently I have found that my phone rings, people walk thru my office door, and what feels like a dump load of work arrives at my desk.  It’s the way of things these days.

Today we are more worked. More booked. More Committed.

All of this naturally promotes anxiety.  One of the biggest side effects of anxiety is feeling like you’ve lost control.  Once you have that feeling, it can escalate and then nothing gets done.  You start feeling overwhelmed, no sense of control, and then stuck with no direction forward.  No one needs this in their life and it’s becoming a daily feeling for many of my clients as they are over stimulated with messages of “how to do more with less”.  Don’t let this get you down.

While it may be a message we are receiving daily.  Today I want to show you an easy way to find some inner calm amidst all of the mayhem and demands of your day.  Its as simple as asking “how do I feel right now?” and actually FEELING the moment.

True, you can drink chamomile tea, do yoga, or meditation and these are ALL valuable and wonderful ways to find your zen space. Today’s share is a tool that is highly mobile, easily used on the craziest of days, and almost invisible when in the midst of a hectic situation.  Plus you can do it in a crowd!


Give this a watch and then comment below how it worked for you.  I’d love to hear from you!



Fitness, It’s a Family Thing

Fitness, It’s a Family Thing

My family has found fitness!  I know this may sound funny, but growing up we were not a fitness oriented family.  We enjoyed comfort foods and all things sweet and cheesy.  We were by no means lazy, there are LOTS of memories of going to the woods as a family to fall, buck, and load rounds of wood.  Then we would bring that home and while Dad split, my sisters and I stacked.  Our family vacations were canoe trips on Missouri rivers.  My summer’s were spent outside playing tag or ghost-in-the-graveyard until the late hours of the night. However, healthy food choices and exercise were not a primary focus in our lives.

Fast forward to today.

My Mom and I are regularly sharing updates of our fitness routine and eating style.  Together she and I are changing the way that we eat and what we eat – together!  Mom has also shared that she desires to complete a 5K run.  My middle sister enjoys running marathons and has invited my youngest sister, myself, and our Mom to join her this year.

My youngest sister and I are working together to learn more about supplements.  Living in Alaska, I find that St. John’s Wort becomes important come September when the days begin to get short and light fades.  Calms Forte helps my sister to find a restful sleep. Vitamin D is essential to everyone and even more significant for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest where sunshine availability is limited.

My Dad and I have become accountability partners.  Every morning I take a sweaty selfie after my workout and tag him in the Facebook post.  I provide a daily count of my workout days and his days of being smoke-free.  After 56 years of smoking, each day is a full dose of heart loving TLC. Click here to see my 3-week non-smoking celebration dance for my Dad!!

I am proud of us and consider myself so lucky that we have come this far together.  The real surprise and gift of gratitude came when Dad declared, during our Thanksgiving call, that he is going to lead the charge on a Family 5K! Beginning next year, we will find a 5K that is appealing to all and we, as a family, will commit to doing it together.  AMAZING!

We have big changes coming our way.  Mom is going to retire, my youngest sister is going  to graduate college, and I am looking at farm life. Dad is recovering daily from his heart attack and every day brings him further from his life as a smoker.  If there was ever a time when  focusing on our health was a priority, now is that time.

We are becoming a Fit Family.  Each of us are coming to our own realization of what improved health means to us – quitting smoking, eating better, improved emotional well-being and physical fitness.  Independently we are becoming stronger and this is making us stronger together.

I am looking forward to our first Family 5K, my sisters graduation, my Moms retirement party, and my Dads 1-year anniversary as a non-smoker.  I am celebrating all of this.  I am supporting all of this.  I am a part of all of this.

Fitness, it IS a Family Thing!

Todays Dose of Kindness: There’s a new year around the corner, talk with your family about health history, current health conditions, and then make a plan for bringing fitness into your family.  The family that sweats together, shares more holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries!

Comment below about your family’s fitness traditions or new traditions in the planning.  I’m always looking for fun new ideas!

Accountability Partner + Beachbody Program = Success

Accountability Partner + Beachbody Program = Success

I completely fell off the fitness wagon.  It wasn’t a binge but rather the options were too many and I became distracted.  I wanted to try PiYo. I started to practice the CIZE routine that I’ll begin teaching in November.  Then *poof* my routine and discipline fell apart.

I used to think that a ‘routine’ took away the thrill of life.  Took away the adventure and spontaneity.  Turns out discipline provides freedom. When I work out each morning, eat healthy throughout the day, drink my superfoods in the afternoon, and enjoy a good night sleep – I feel restored and ready for life! The more disciplined I am to this lifestyle, the more freedom I have from the things that our loved ones accept as “a normal part of aging”.  High cholesterol, lack of flexibility, loss of bone density,  and a variety of other health issues.

I am determined to NOT be on a prescription or accept daily medication as a “part of aging”.  The Fountain of Youth is indeed exercise and a healthy diet.  That’s my jam.   That’s why falling off the wagon…bummed me out.

I had to get my schedule back in order, so I called in the calvary!  I asked 2 friends, both of whom are working to start their own fitness journey, if they would be my Accountability Partners.  Every morning after my workout, I take a sweaty selfie and tag them in it on Facebook.  When they are ready to start their workout program, they’ll return the favor by tagging me in their posts.  Together we will keep each other accountable.

When my alarm goes off, at 4:50am, my first thought is “I need to share a selfie!” and down the stairs I go to get my workout on!!

Accountability partners are not just for workouts.  You can have an accountability partner for:

  • Financial goals
  • Career goals
  • Daily Walking goals
  • Hiking goals
  • Clean Eating goals
  • Adventure goals (days of skiing-snowboarding, mountain peaks reached, # of countries visited)

Whatever you want to achieve, someone else wants to do it too.  Plus it’s a great way to reach out and create a connection.  There’s nothing more bonding than achieving success with someone.

If you have a goal that you want to reach, reach out and find an Accountability Partner.  You are ALWAYS welcome to join my friends and I!  Email me at coachrebeccahavens@gmail.com

Today’s dose of Kindness: Success is as simple as making a friend and going on a shared adventure.


What’s a Coach Got To Do With It?

What’s a Coach Got To Do With It?


Do you love Tina Turner too?  If so, then you’ll know that this title plays well to the beat of “What’s Love Got to do With It?”

L-O-V-E has a LOT to do with it actually!!!

I have been thinking a lot about my Coach role.  I was sitting down to calendar my week (a whole new fascination in exactly what an hour of intention can accomplish) and a commercial came on the TV.  It was a light bulb moment because it opened my eyes to just how many people request, hire, or require a Coach in their lives to make major improvement.

In school, anyone on a team has a Coach to both introduce them to something new and improve their skills.  All sports teams, debate team, and subject tutors (math coach).  Now as you get older, there are other kinds of coaches and they come in a variety of forms.

Narcotics / Alcoholics Anonymous – you need a sponsor.

Life perspective / re-direction – Life Coach

Quitting smoking – Coach

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig – Coach

Fitness Classes or Sports Teams – Boxing, Flag Football, Darts Coach

Public Speaking and Singing – Coach

These are all roles that we accept as ‘norms’ for desiring or requiring a Coach.  I am giving you fair warning that one day, a Beachbody Coach will be a norm in YOUR life.  A person, of your choosing, that will keep you accountable to your fitness goals, support you through major life changes, and guide you to success.  BONUS – they’re your friend too (that’s where the LOVE comes in)!!

Isn’t that AMAZING??!!  Yes, yes it is. 🙂

psssssttttt… you don’t have to wait for ‘someday’. Email me NOW at coachrebecca@gmail.com

Today’s dose of Kindness: Identify your goals and take action. You deserve the reward.

Jessica Davis, She’s so Fitspiring!!

Jessica Davis, She’s so Fitspiring!!

My fitness journey has been shared with my friends and family.  I’m grateful to have full support in this venture and to also find inspiration within this loving community.

Today I want to introduce one of my Fitspiration Friends. Jessica Davis regularly shares photos of her life and they inspire me to further my pursuit of an active life.  I moved to Juneau, Alaska, because of the availability of adventures literally outside my front door. Mountains to climb, stand up paddle boarding, snowboarding, sea kayaking, backpacking, wildlife watching, and becoming a part of Mother Nature’s grand cycle of seasons, life patterns, and rhythm.

I will be sharing interviews with my community of friends, Wanderlust Tribe member’s, and family.  I’m grateful that Jessica Davis was willing to be the first.

I want you to know the special people I share my life with and here is the interview with my lovely, marine life loving, yoga practicing, snowboard instructing, Alaska living, and always inspiring friend, Jessica Davis.

How long have you been studying yoga?

I’ve tinkered with yoga for a few years now but never committed much time to it… just a class here and there, maybe practicing a couple times a month. About a year ago I decided to dedicate more time to practicing yoga, and it’s been the best decision of my life. I try to practice daily. Of course, sometimes life gets in the way, but I only miss a couple days a month now. Bringing yoga into my daily routine has been a life changer.

What draws you to yoga?

The calmness and the fact that it’s not competitive. You go at your own pace, and you can literally do it anywhere. Any time I’m feeling stressed, a simple Mountain Pose, Child’s Pose, or Tree Pose brings me back to center and calms my nerves. Also, it’s a damn good workout.

What effect has yoga had on your life?

I used to be a worrier. I put everyone before myself and didn’t focus on what I needed to work on most – me. Yoga has taught me more about myself than I could’ve ever imagined. I’ve accomplished things I never thought my body was capable of doing with yoga. It’s helped me be more creative. I love crafting and doing more artsy stuff now. I even started an ETSY shop! (www.etsy.com/shop/peacelovesnowflakes) My soul is truly happy and now I want to spread that happiness to everyone possible.

 What is your daily practice?

I like to start the day with a round of Sun Salutations. Sometimes I just have time for one round, sometimes it turns into an hour long practice. Just doing SOMETHING is better than nothing. If all you can do is Mountain or Tree, that’s a start, and that simple pose can calm your mind and start your day off on a positive note.

What inspired you to move to AK?

I wanted a change (and more snow). I love where I grew up (TN), but I wanted to see more of our beautiful planet. Making the move to AK has been one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve found where I want to spend the rest of my life.

What’s your favorite part about living in Juneau?

The wildness and beauty that surrounds you, and how easily accessible it is if you just get out and move your legs! It’s my paradise. Even after living here for going on 3 years now, I’m still amazed by the beauty on a daily basis. The people are so welcoming and friendly. It’s just a wonderful outdoorsy community.

You are a snowboard instructor at Eaglecrest Ski Area, what inspired you to become a snowboard instructor?

I fell in love with snowboarding, so I wanted to help others to do the same. If I can introduce a life changing sport to someone, then my day is successful. Snowboarding is a spiritual experience for me… being out in nature, surrounded by beautiful mountains and snow, and getting to float through trees and down the steeps. If I can get one person to truly feel that same connection to nature, then I couldn’t ask for anything more.

What’s the greatest perk of being an instructor?

Getting to ride every day! Seeing the smiles on the faces of people who just conquered their fear or accomplished a new goal is pretty awesome too. But wait, did I mention getting to ride every day?! 🙂

During the summer you work on the water, what’s the greatest perk of working with Allen Marine Tours?

Being able to spend so much time with nature, and getting paid for it! Getting to travel a bit is great too. I’ve been able to go to Sitka, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Hobart Bay, and Hoonah so far with the company. Mostly, it’s about the wildlife though. Being around such beautiful, majestic, mysterious creatures every day is just amazing. Humpback whales, orcas, harbor seals, sea lions, eagles… seeing those daily is something dreams are made of!

I know that you have used a variety of Beachbody fitness programs.  Which ones?

So far I’ve tried Insanity, T25, and P90X. My favorite is Insanity, because it’s truly insane. If you stick with it the results are amazing. It’s been a while since I’ve completed a Beachbody program, and I’m thinking about starting Insanity again here soon. I really enjoyed P90X too. The workouts are a bit longer but I loved them. Right now I’m not on an actual ‘program’ but I do supplement my normal exercise routine with a random workout from one of the three programs.

Thank you Jessica for taking time today to answer my questions and be the first of my friends to share your fitness journey with the Dose of Healthy Kindness community.

If you are ready to begin your fitness journey, I’m here to help and look forward to becoming friends!  Send me a message at coachrebeccahavens@gmail.com

Today’s Dose of Kindness: Pick the path of your fitness journey and practice, practice, practice. You’ll find that a little bit every day takes you a long, long way.

My First Fit Club

My First Fit Club

Today is a VERY special day.  This is the initiation of the very first members of the Wanderlust Tribe.

The people making up this first group….they are the founding members, trendsetters, pioneers, and all around badasses.  They are Leaders!

This Tribe was established to support a special group of people that enjoy….long for…..actually lust for freedom.  The freedom of being ready for every adventure that awaits outside their front door.  They enjoy any and all activities that carry an inherent risk in the mere act of their undertaking.  Hiking, backpacking, sea kayaking, intentional travel, active vacations and the adventures yet to be identified.  This desire for a fulfilling life includes a dedication and commitment to fitness.

THIS group is why I founded the Wanderlust Tribe.  I want to serve them.  I want to introduce them to each other.  I want to provide a place where they can share and be accountable to reaching their goals.

I was very deliberate in creating the logo.  Turquoise because, as a gemstone, it brings good karma and good fortune to travelers.  The quote from Jon Muir, the ultimate adventurer, speaks to the hearts of travelers.  The star to guide the traveler to their dreams, their next adventure, or back to their home.  The name – Wanderlust Tribe – to speak to the nature of these lovers of the open road and the connection that comes when two travelers meet and appreciate that time is short and bonds are instantaneous.

Today begins a new adventure for these founding members and for me.  To honor their trust, I must lead by example and remain accountable to the pursuit of my own dreams and goals. In this way, it’s a double accountability.

It truly is an honor to be among these great people.

When YOU are ready, and have a dream to pursue, this Tribe will be happy to count you among them. Contact me at coachrebeccahavens@gmail.com

Today’s Dose of Kindness: When your goal is clear, your vision is set, and your dream awaits….walk boldly in the direction of your desires.