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Sleeping Beauty (ok..she’s not really sleeping…she’s stressed out!)

Sleeping Beauty (ok..she’s not really sleeping…she’s stressed out!)

“It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” – Hans Selye

Hello Sleepless Beauty,

Does your brain *POP* awake at an hour when the entire WORLD is still asleep?

Do you feel exhausted and no amount of rest, sleep, or personal TLC can rejuvenate you?

Feel like spitting in this test tube for me?

In 2016, I had a grand time making BIG life decisions and exciting changes!!  I was advancing my career, taking my relationship to new depths, and starting a new life in a small Idaho mountain town.  Here’s all that I did…

  • Accepted a promotion into a new job that I knew very little about and gained supervisor responsibilities.
  • Sold my ocean front home in Alaska.
  • Bought my new home in a small mountain town in Idaho.
  • Remodeled my beautiful new home.
  • Ended a 10-year relationship.
  • Started a tumultuous rebound relationship.
  • Lived alone for the first time in 10 years.
  • Said farewell to a dog friend.
  • Said hello to a new dog friend.
  • Built a whole new community of friends in a new town and a new state.
  • Quickly learned that I was in WAY over my head with my new job (funny they don’t mention that part in the interview).
  • Quickly learned that contractors can be tricky to wrangle into doing the job you’re paying them to do.
  • Quickly learned that I don’t like living in a beautiful, spacious remodeled home all by myself.

This is a LOT to learn in a short amount of time.  Soon I was exhausted, drained, completely listless in all activities.  It didn’t matter what I did, I could not rally the energy to be excited, enthusiastic, or motivated.

Here I was in a whole new town, new life, and new everything… totally drained by it all.

I had wanted to find a Naturopath that could provide me with a natural alternative to prescriptions for general well-being.  This lack of energy and lackluster existence gave me the boost that I needed to find her sooner than later.  I shared a very thorough family and medical history plus a list of life events from the past 6-months.  She truly listened and was insightful.  She offered that spending some time with a counselor may be helpful in my life transitions (she shared that the changes I had recently undergone were HUGE).

Funny… I hadn’t given myself credit for the major changes I had recently made in my life

She drew several vials of blood and then asked that I spit in a few test tubes.  Hmmmm….. ok

Turns out there are saliva tests that can provide valuable information regarding physical functions.  Turns out my constant state of fatigue was found in my poorly functioning adrenal system.  This accounted for my routine 3am wakeup, my fatigue, and my lack of general life enthusiasm.  Who knew that sustained stress, over a long period of time, could actually deplete your bodies response to stress?  (please note intense sarcasm)

Watch the video below to learn how you can naturally put your body back onto the path to health (ps, this should go without saying, but I am in no way a medical professional. Just a once tired and run down gal making a seriously healthy comeback).  In a world that hums on stress, takes pride in its various forms, and even sells millions of dollars of merchandise with catchy slogans regarding its ability to propel us into better living…..sometimes it literally and very effectively shuts us down cold.

Maybe Sleeping Beauty wasn’t burdened by the curse put upon her, but rather healed by the abundance of rest and time given to her body to re-balance its natural systems??


Fortune Favors The BOLD

Fortune Favors The BOLD

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” – W. H. Murray

Hello Boldness,

I live in McCall, Idaho.  It’s a town of less than 3,000 people that sits on a mountain top.  There are 2 ski resorts and 1 large lake that draw people to the area year round, essentially its a resort town.  Why share this?

Because this tiny little cold weather town holds at its warm heart the personalities and drive to move mountains!  In November, I joined the “McCall STREAK”.  This is a 40-day fitness-for-a-cause event.  Each participant must buy a membership and the various memberships include different perks.  A basic membership is simply participation in the event, pay a little more and get a beanie, a little more and you enjoy a fitness pass (2 workouts at 7 local fitness centers) and for a tad bit more you get it all!

The proceeds from this all female event go to support local female high school athletes by providing a college scholarship.

How amazing is that?

A local teenage female athlete is being uplifted and supported by the women in her community.  There is also a fitness component to the STREAK that every participant must adhere to:

  • 30-minutes of movement 7-days a week.
  • Every week – 50 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and 5-minutes of plank.

Every week there is a STREAK Meet Up that includes a 30-minute walk and social hour afterwards.  Weekly check-ins are required by participants and if a week goes by and a participant doesn’t check-in or complete their activities they “fail out”.  Redemption is available via a “buy back” and she can buy her way back into the STREAK.  At the end of the 40-days, which runs from Nov. 13 – Dec. 24, there is a round up of all of the finishers that completed their STREAK commitments.  A huge party celebrates this community’s efforts and the scholarship recipients are named.

I can think of no greater cause or motivation for my commitment of time, money, and effort.

I share this story because there were over 350 women that joined the 2017 McCall STREAK.  Can you think of a project that you, and your community, put their money and sweat into for 40-days?   What about 80?

This month, on January 15th, I begin a new fitness journey that is TWICE as long as the STREAK.  An 80-day commitment to my health, fitness, and to shine as an example of what commitment and consistency can produce.

I am inviting you to join me.

The program can be done anywhere – garage, living room, bedroom, office, gym, while traveling, with friends and family or as a personal journey of your very own.  It includes meal planning, weighted workouts (30-60 minutes in length), a focus on your arms, abs, and ass, and is easily modified to support you as you grow in strength and endurance.   Plus I’ll be there by your side doing every single workout (oh…. each of those 80 workouts are different… every single one.  No boredom!) and I’ll share my tips and tricks for weekly meal planning, snacking, and even sweet treats.  I’ll be your Coach.  We will be a community of people pushing to make a difference in our own lives so that we can make a difference in the lives of all the important people in our lives.

Now, there will only be a few that will finish.  Only a few that will have the intestinal fortitude to see it through to completion.  Out of those 350+ McCall STREAK participants, only 65 finished.   I am one of THOSE FEW.   I can stay the course.  I will support you to stay committed to your course.

Let’s do this 80-day fitness commitment together.

You can reach me by posting “I want it all” here on my blog.

Message me via Facebook messenger –  Rebecca A. Havens

Email me – Rebecca@RebeccaAHavens.com

I look forward to hearing from you,



A Love Letter to You

A Love Letter to You

         “Self-love, it is obvious, remains always positive and active in our natures.” – Gordon W. Allport

Greetings Gorgeous,

I hope that you commit to your hearts desires fully and without hesitation.  You can see the finish line with such mental clarity that it feels like you have already arrived, as desired, to your goal.  My hope for you is that this path is easy and your conviction to follow it is strong.

Just in case the clarity of your goal is unclear, your commitment to finish gets tested, or the power of your why gets questioned.

I have a simple exercise for you.

Today’s exercise requires 3 easy tools.

A piece of paper.

A pen or pencil.

Your Honesty.

I created an easy template for you to use as well.  Open your Love Letter Template right here > LOVE LETTER TEMPLATE


I Need A Man! (?)

I Need A Man! (?)

“Save a boyfriend for a rainy day – and another, in case it doesn’t rain” – Mae West

Hello Single Friend,

Are you on the dating scene today?  Enjoying all of the dating apps? Being surprised by the willingness of perfect strangers to share intimate pics?

Me Too!

I find this new experience – the dating world – to be one of the most amazing, intriguing, debilitating, exciting, depressing, and a wide variety of other emotional adjectives that can describe the roller coaster of highs and lows explored while meeting someone new.  While chatting via a dating app and text are a great way to get to know someone.  It’s the slow, patient and deliberate path to getting to know myself in these exchanges that is becoming the most valuable relationship gained and lesson learned.

Along the way, I have learned that…

My exuberance for life can be misread as making myself too available.

My enthusiasm for getting to know someone new can be misread as lack of mystery.

My openness can be misinterpreted as excessive vulnerability.

Thankfully I am open to learn new lessons, gain new tools, and grow as a person.  The “teacher” that I’m talking about today is a lovely British gentleman by the name of Matthew Hussey.  Who knew that a guy would be teaching me how to talk to and relate to men?  I mean… it does make perfect sense, but I wonder if men feel betrayed that Mr. Hussey is revealing all of their secrets?

I appreciate that Matthew is sharing how to relate in a way that serves BOTH sexes.

Check out today’s video to hear first hand about my awkward, embarrassing, and uncomfortable personal dating experience.

Then go visit Matthew Hussey’s site – How To Get The Guy 

Or his YouTube channel to see him in action – How To Get The Guy YouTube

PS. The title for today’s blog post is unfinished…. here’s the rest of the quote “I need a man, like a fish needs a bicycle.”


The Tax Man Is Coming…. This Could Get Ugly.

The Tax Man Is Coming…. This Could Get Ugly.

“The tax on being different is massive” – Vivienne Ming

Hello My Fellow Entrepreneurs!

February is when I first learned about the expense, receipt, and income system that I’m sharing today.   Every week since February, I have had this  nagging, taunting, and haunting feeling that I need to get myself together.  Do you know how cumbersome it is, how mentally taxing and emotionally draining it is to delay this inevitable exercise in responsible business ownership?

Do not put off until October, what you can do once a month!

 I sat down this past Sunday, for 6 hours, and compiled all of my business expenses, travel receipts, and recorded – by date – every dollar that I have spent on my business.  Do you know how tedious that activity was to complete? OMGosh!   Now that I have done the deed, you can bet that I will be tracking and recording everything in real time.

Are you a budding entrepreneur?  Please let me help make your life easier!  Watch this video, take a note, and make the purchase.

OH!  And don’t forget that I’m kicking off an October “Get Your Booty Moving” Fit Club on October 15th!!!   Just sign up here – On My Facebook Page – and lets get moving!!

Let’s Get Our Booty’s Moving!!

Let’s Get Our Booty’s Moving!!

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance.”   – Alan Watts

Hello My Fellow Mover & Shaker,

Is it just me or are you feeling the need for change?

Autumn is in the air, my summer decadence is settling in and I’m ready to come indoors and make change happen. This time of year brings me inside and invites me to reflect. It’s when comfort food (beers, pasta, sweets) call me to be near fires, share time with friends, and seek cozy corners. This is the time of year for fuzzy sweaters, warm layers, and PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!  It’s also when I find that I slide on an extra 10 pounds, a bigger sized pair of jeans, and no one notices because its hiding under warm layers of clothes.

This year I want to buck the trend!!

Why?  Because I’m single and mingling.  I want to stay cute, feel sexy and sassy.  Am I alone in this desire?  This is hotsprings season in Idaho!!  The skinny dip trips, swimsuits, and holidays are well on their way.  I want to feel good in my Halloween costume, not be at my largest pair of pants at the end of Thanksgiving dinner, and I want to wear something fuzzy and fun for a Christmas date.  Oh… did I mention that my birthday is in the holiday mix too?

I am putting together a group for both the single & mingling ladies and the ladies deep into a relationship status, because sex appeal is real!

There is NOTHING sexier than feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin.  Plus shedding a few pounds just in time for the holiday parties, family photo’s and ringing in a New Year is ok too!!


It’s always more fun with friends.  To learn more, sign up at my Facebook page by CLICKING HERE 

I’ll include some sweet offerings to keep you motivated and dedicated to YOUR goal!!

  • Meal Plan
  • Workout Calendar
  • Weekly Check-ins (with your very own Life Coach – ME!)
  • Delicious recipes
  • Fun community of other Movers & Shakers!