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My Trip Home….

My Trip Home….

“Home is the nicest word there is.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Hello Friend and Blog Family,

I was born and raised in Missouri.  Most of my family (cousins, aunts, uncles, Dad and sister) still live there.  There is a special magic that happens every time I go home. It used to be that “going home” meant time with my Grandma and Grandpa and visiting the farm.

The magic of spending a week with my Grandma is that we cooked a lot, went shopping, napped everyday after lunch (a family requirement) and visited at least one of Grandma’s friends or siblings.  EVERY time I went home, my priorities re-aligned and my pace of life slowed down.  All of the drama of college, going thru a divorce, working multiple jobs, and just L-I-F-E went away.  I was reminded of what was essential, good, and right in life.  My head stopped spinning and everything felt in balance.  I would carry that balance with me for months.  I miss my Grandma so much.

Thankfully, my visits home still bring me the same peace of mind and grateful heart.  I have learned that time is truly the only thing in life that we can never, ever, ever replace.  Every time I drive past the old farm house, I easily recall all of the beautiful memories and return to make more while my family are still here.

Only, these cooking, shopping, and napping memories have a slightly different feel.  My desire is to have MORE time and more QUALITY with my family.  This years visit, I am bringing health to my family and we are making beautiful memories together.  Here I am writing at the end of my first full day home and today has been very memorable for sure!

We went to the community fitness center and experienced our first shared “Senior Stretch” class.  I LOVED this shared class, filled with women over 70, a community of “regulars” setting up their spots, and my Dad…trying to back out of this shared experience.

“It looks like this is a women’s only class….” He says as he moves toward the door.

“Nope, this is an EVERYBODY class!” and I layed down his yoga mat indicating his spot in class.  Hahahaha

After class we went grocery shopping for a week’s worth of paleo inspired recipes we are going to prepare and enjoy together.

These are going to be priceless memories of my family making our health a FUN family event.  I was not raised being super active with my family, but there’s no deadline on making change.  Here we are, making wonderful things happen…together.  While I’m in Missouri making memories, I’ve been waiting for the PERFECT post to share about another mid-BEST woman that is making memories for her family.  This is that post.

The beauty, and personal motivation, for my Coaching business is to help and support women making BIG positive changes in their lives. One such beautiful and inspiring woman, is Beverly.

Beverly is a brand new homesteader.  We met thru a mutual friend when she was looking for a way to improve her strength so that she could easily lift hay bales in the summer and bags of salt in the winter.  As we have gotten to know each other, I am more and more impressed with her boldness to walk into such a very different way of life!!

Today, I would love to introduce you to her and her blog – Ross Roost.

I know you will LOVE her, her chickens, her homestead, and soon her goats!!

Pull up a seat, there is a lot of great reading and fun tales coming your way….

Click on this picture to read all about her, her family, and her homestead!!

Meditation Nation

Meditation Nation

“Meditation is a vital practice to access conscious contact with your higher self.” – Wayne Dyer

Good Morning Conscious Beauty,

I have been diving deep into meditation the last two weeks.  The practice of awaking and moving directly into meditation starts my day in the most beautiful and peaceful way.  I get out of bed, put on some thick fuzzy socks and my favorite hoodie then walk out to my couch.  A soft light comes from my lamp as my eyes adjust from the darkness.  Then I put in my wireless headphones, pull up my favorite meditation chant on YouTube and sit cross legged for a minimum of 5-minutes.

The very first time that I did this, I wept.

I didn’t understand why.  I wasn’t sad or angry or depressed.  The tears silently slid down my face in steady streams.  It was as though the healing words of the chant pulled something out of me that I didn’t realize I had been holding onto deep in my heart.  Those words caused tears every day for a week.  Each time the depth of their welling lessened and then there were no more tears.  The tones of the chant had healed me.  I felt my heart swell with gratitude. I still listen to this mantra each morning and it speaks to my heart.  I love it.

Inspired by my private morning practice, I found a one-day retreat that guided me thru 4 different meditation styles plus taught me about clearing my space of unwanted energy.  These meditations were all beautiful.

SHAMANIC MEDITATION – The first was a guided 25-minute Shamanic Meditation.  This was extraordinary because it took me to a vision.  I have a very favorite pose for my most intentional adventures. Regardless if I am being photographed or not, I spread  my arms and legs wide and make myself take up as much space as possible.  I call it my “Rebecca Starfish” pose.  I spread myself so wide in that place, space and moment so that I can absorb every single vibration of that experience.  Rebecca Starfish has absorbed the moments of…

  • Standing outside of the helicopter that flew me onto the top of a glacier in Alaska.
  • Standing on the float of a floatplane at the edge of a remote and isolated lake.
  • Laying under the most divine star filled sky as a meteor shower raced from one horizon to the next.
  • Splayed out inside my tent as I watched northern lights fill the sky.

During my Shamanic Meditation, I saw myself in Rebecca Starfish pose.  Instead of me absorbing the light of the moment, I was radiating light from my heart.  I glowed as though there were a lighthouse light deep inside my core and it was radiating love and light to everyone.  This vision let me know that I was in the right place, at the right time, and with the right people. I was exactly where I needed to be and doing what I needed to be doing to come more into my own higher self.  It was amazing!

MANTRA MEDITATION – The second meditation was a mantra meditation.  This was my very favorite!!  We used 2 different mantra’s and repeated each one twelve times.  A singing bowl was chimed on our 11th speaking to let us know that the next was our last.  We were told to not get hung up on the sound of our own voice.  Each of our voices were to be heard, enjoyed, shared, and was in perfect pitch.  The second mantra really felt powerful and ran thru my core.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare

CANDLE GAZING MEDITATION – Our third meditation was a candle gazing meditation.  There were candles on a centerpiece sitting on the floor in the center of our circle. We gazed at the candles and let our eyes go soft, allowing the candles image to go fuzzy.  We watched as the flame danced and noticed, at the base of the flame, where the candle color changed from blue to yellow to white.  We allowed our worries, our fears, and our thoughts to burn away from us in the flame.  This meditation felt trance like as the flame danced and bent in my gaze.

WALKING MEDITATION – Finally, we shared a walking meditation.  Our guide shared where to walk, not to talk, and how to experience our surroundings in a new and intentional way.  We held our hands just off of the surface of objects, plants, trees, and felt for their energy. I focused on the river flowing by and its fluidity.  I felt the long length of that river as it flowed miles from upstream to rush past me on its way to a destination still miles and miles away from where I stood watching.  The feeling of all that surrounded me was invigorating, inspiring, quieting, and soulful.  I felt connected to Nature.

When we were done, there was a small alter with a metal sheet.  On the sheet, were various herbs.  A sheet identifying what strength each herb carried and what power would be released at its burning layed beside the herbs and a lit candle.  I chose to burn a piece of a dried rose.  A rose is for friendship and love.  I wanted to wish each of us a new friendship in this shared experience and love as we traveled from this sacred place to our homes.  Our sacred places. Our meditation centers.

There are lots of videos for you to experience these meditations in your own home and sacred space or with a friend.

I decided not to create a video for today’s post because I felt it was better for you to experience silence.  I want you to explore which meditation practice works best for you.  I wish you tears of joy, moments with Nature’s vibrations, and connection with the silence that resides within you.  Namaste


Here is the mantra meditation that I practice with each morning…

Thank You, So Very Much!

Thank You, So Very Much!

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” – William Arthur Ward

Hello Grace,

Thank you for reading this article, visiting my blog, and for being a part of my life in a positive and meaningful way.  Today is Thanksgiving and for all that I have in my life, I am definitely giving Thanks this year.

This beautiful website, these pictures, and every part of what you see in my videos is inspired by the kindness of our shared world.

What started as a “fun idea” to share my life lessons on a blog, expanded and grew and brought me into new and interesting situations (like a  photo shoot) that I never thought I would experience.

Here are just a few of those experiences….

  • Searching for, auditioning, and hiring a photographer.  Setting up the photo shoot backgrounds, choosing and buying my outfits, inviting my friend to be a “client”, self-tanning, house cleaning, and experiencing the BIG DAY!!
  • Walking through my photo’s, selecting my images (out of more than 200 options) and determining what “clean ups” should happen with my photos.  My body and face are unaltered.  We cleaned up background pieces and made sure my wood pile was large enough to cover the wall behind me.
  • Establishing my “brand” via a 7-page thought provoking questionnaire.  Setting up a Pinterest page to share ideas and inspiration.  Finalizing the feel of my personal style through easy to identify features on my page and pictures.
  • Building my website.  You cannot imagine all of the parts, components, heartache, frustration, and moving parts that make a website flow!
  • Attending my first Life Coach training.  In an effort to save money and to share a real life “budget travel” experience, I came home with bed bugs.
  • Advertising and leading my first Fit Camp with some very trusting and AMAZING women.  We started as friends and are quickly becoming a family in health.
  • Taking each photo, using each opportunity for a selfie to consider the perfect story that it will accompany.

These are the parts and pieces that immediately come to mind in the “construction” of this online and social media experience.  The tools that allow me to come into your life and home via your choice of communication (Facebook, YouTube, this website).

The support of family and friends.  The trust and faith of my clients and Fit Camp family, guidance of my mentors and uplifting emails, messages, texts, handwritten letters and phone calls of support…. all uplift me and keep me on track to all that I know I can and will provide to this ever growing community. Finally last, but not least, I am grateful for my best dog friend – Sadie.  She greets me every day with enthusiasm and unquestionable support regardless of my self doubts or loss of “steam” to do all that this new venture requires of me.

In reflection of some of the stories that I have shared, here are some of my favorites.

  • When your commitment to make change gets hard, show yourself some love by writing yourself a Love Letter to You.
  • If the day becomes to much to bear, you have the power and ability to make it slow down.  Practice Presence wherever you are and regain control and proper perspective of your own personal power.
  • My own personal favorite, a reminder to Enjoy The Suck.
  • Finally, the very practical tool of preparation.  The Tax Man Is Coming is a lesson for everyone and ESPECIALLY for the young entrepreneur.

Thank you, one and all, for supporting, emailing, messaging, and loving  on me as I grow and expand into my own potential.  All the while with my mission to help YOU to grow and expand into your own potential.

You Are Inspiring To Me


Enjoy The Suck! (I’m serious)

Enjoy The Suck! (I’m serious)

You’re going to go thru tough times – that’s life.  But I say “nothing happens to you, it happens for you”. See the positive in negative events. – Joel Osteen

Hello Stronger-Than-You-Know,

You have had that job that totally sucked your soul?  Right?  I mean we have ALL had that job… right?

Don’t tell me… you’ve had the landlord from hell?  I mean.. seriously…was the landlord in a town that wasn’t the right fit for you too?  NO WAY!!!

Wait… now we have bonded over the horrible job and the crappy landlord in the unhappy town.  Have you had a time where it was hard to find a friend?!

NO WAY!!!  Are we besties?  Oh.. not yet?  Give me a minute.

Yup, this was my reality not so long ago.  In the video below, you’ll find out how I got myself out of this sticky tricky mess.  Before you watch it, if you are currently in a situation that just keeps getting stickier, more suffocating, and you are not seeing a way out….. please ponder answers to these questions and then hit play.

  • What specifically in your situation is making you unhappy?
  • Have you tried everything… I mean EVERYTHING to improve it?
  • Does it feel like everything you try simply makes your situation worse?
  • Are you ready to do something so radical, so off the charts, that you would NEVER have considered it otherwise?

Now that you have given these questions some serious thought, watch the video!!

I want to hear your thoughts… read your comments….please share them below!


Please share this post with someone that needs to hear it, please.


Entrepreneur Blues

Entrepreneur Blues

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

Hello Boldness,

The hardest part is the start!

  • Or is it the follow-thru?
  • Or the learning curve?
  • Or the loneliness?
  • Or the practice of consistency?

I got super focused on laying the ground work for my Coaching business at the beginning of 2017.  I setup this website, created a YouTube channel, and started putting some serious energy into creating opportunity for myself.  Along the way, it can be very lonely because it is all me setting this up.  I sit in my home, at my computer, and brainstorm what to do next. Those brainstorms can also be overwhelming… confusing… even anxiety inducing.

What did I do to solve this very personal dilemma?

I talked with a friend. Neither of us knew, at that moment, that what we would create would become so essential to our personal success AND well being.  In that fateful phone call, we agreed to be companions in all that becoming an entrepreneur would entail.  Here’s what we do weekly..


We share an email that includes 2 personal health focused goals.  This is self-care at its finest.  We set personal goals around moving our bodies, eating clean, and journaling our thoughts for the week.  This allows us to keep the focus on how we are handling stress and nourishing our bodies.

We also include 2 business building goals. These are activities that are pushing our business forward.  Generally these are small activities that, once complete, take us further than some larger activities that may take more time to complete.  Breaking down the big stuff into bite size pieces stops the overwhelm and develops our sense of ownership.


At 9:00am we talk on the phone and provide a personal “week in review”.  We discuss our highs and lows, achievements and room for growth from lessons learned. What is most valuable from this sharing call are the personal revelations that we both arrive at by the end.  What we share about ourselves reveals our motivations and personal strategies for growth.  Best of all, we get a different perspective… an outside perspective.

Turns out, this third party perspective allows for objectivity.  It also allows for compassion.  We are always our hardest and worst critic.  She and I are able to provide clear, objective perspective on balance and that progress may not arrive as we expected, but it is still coming to our lives.  I think that THIS is the best gift from this arrangement.

You can say that this is a “Success Partner” relationship, but in fact it is something bigger and better.  This is an opportunity for us to lovingly support each other while mirroring the accomplishments and blind spots that we cannot see for ourselves.  I cannot share the abundance of my gratitude for this new turn in our friendship.  We have known each other for 13 years. We have traveled together and inspired each other to great heights.  This new, exciting, and enlightening phase of our friendship is awakening an entirely new aspect of both our friendship and our lives.


We celebrate our successes  –  forgive our shortcomings  –  are compassionate to our vulnerabilities.
We are much more than “success partners”.

Do you need accountability?   Help aligning yourself to your personal goals?  Clarifying your vision?

Email me at Rebecca@RebeccaAHavens.com


Solo Travel….Only For The Bold

Solo Travel….Only For The Bold

“Traveling solo does not always mean you’re alone. Most often, you meet marvelous people along the way and make connections that last a lifetime.”            – Jacqueline Boone

Hello Loves,

This is my last installment of deep diving into explaining the 4 parts of my “wheel of care”.  Today’s installment is the one I carry close at heart because it requires the most bravery.  Solo travel means that you are stepping outside of your comfort zone and pursuing your hearts desire in a very visible and intentional way.  First you make a myriad of decisions… like where you are going, when you are leaving, how you will get there, and what you will take for the journey.

Then you walk out the door and step into your journey.

The excitement of taking that first step, the takeoff of your flight, and arriving at the destination are thrilling.  It’s when the travel dust settles and your new day starts in an exotic location….that is when the true change begins.  Solo travel is for the bold because you make decisions in every moment that directly affect where you will sleep, eat, and building your community.  THIS is the best part!!   You get to try on a whole new skin, new view, and new way to engage with the world.  There is nothing better!!

I will give you tools to use to make traveling easier, build your community of loving gypsies, and stay safe in a world outside of your comfort zone.

I’m hitting the road this morning and heading to my very first Life Coach training in Seattle!!!   Look out for next week’s post when I share how it went!!