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Search & Rescue Found Me!

Search & Rescue Found Me!

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” -Henry David Thoreau

Hello Hiker,

Have you enjoyed walking a full day on a new hiking trail?  Exploring outdoors with a friend?  Pondered what would happen in case of an emergency?

I had a crush on a guy and we made a date to hike up a nearby, and very popular, mountain.  This mountain, literally, overlooked a housing subdivision and an elementary school.  Its the family friendly neighborhood.  There were no hazards in sight and I had been hiking all summer to prepare for a 32-mile backpack trip.  My friend and I packed up our daypacks and I laughingly told my roommate, as I walked out the door, “if we’re not back by 8pm, send out the search & rescue!”

Little did I know how fateful that quip would come to be that day.

Watch today’s video to learn about how my dayhike ended up with search & rescue coming up the mountain looking for me!

After you do, print this form – ICE for SAR – and let me tell you why, when, and how to use it.  I prepared this form for the safety of my friends and fellow hikers.

In Case of Emergency (ICE) for Search And Rescue (SAR)

This form is for solo and two-party hikers.  Usually groups of three or more will have the ability to send someone to get help.

Here are some of the forms highlights:

  • Hiker(s) is wearing – this is important to Search & Rescue to know if they’re looking for someone wearing bright (highly recommended) or natural colors.
  • I will be hiking – this identifies if you’re hiking alone or how many are in your hiking party.  It also shares how many adults, kids, and dogs are in your party.
  • Start and Finish Times –  this info lets your rescuers know what time you left and when you were anticipating returning. It tells them how long you’ve been on the trail.
  • Trail Information – where should they start looking for you?
  • Supplies I / We have – do you have layers to keep you warm?  food? water? something to mark your location?
  • Skills I / We are trained in – first aid skills are great skills to have!!  This also tells search & rescue if you, or someone in your party, has the skills to stabilize injuries.
  • If I’m in trouble – any grouping of 3 tells people that you are in trouble.  I have a BRIGHT  yellow poncho that stays in my daypack.  It can be used as a hasty shelter or it can be cut into 3 pieces and hung in trees for better visibility from the ground or the air.  If you can flag your location in a triangular area (hang flagging in a triangle shape with you in the middle).  Take a whistle and blow it in 3 loud bursts.  Keep your headlamp handy and charged and flash it in 3 flashes.  Search & rescue will know what these signals mean and come to your location.

In short, do your homework to secure that you stay calm and know what to do if you need to get help to you when your unable to get to them.  The more that you can give them a headstart, the better.

Tell a friend or family member where you’re going, when to expect you back, and how you’ll communicate that you are healthy and happy.  This form can be filled out and left with that point-of-contact or on the front seat of your car at the trailhead.  I’ve set it up so that you can trifold it with “ICE for SAR” up for those in the know to see.

I hope that you never have to use it.  I recognize that I was very lucky the day that I found myself in a precarious situation.  Watch  here to learn about my experience…..

Safe Travels Friend!

ps.  leave a comment if this is helpful to you or a friend.  Even better, share it with them!!



Squirrel!  (or… I need some freaking focus, how about you?)

Squirrel! (or… I need some freaking focus, how about you?)

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” – Alexander Graham Bell

Hello Chipmunk,

What’s with all of the woodland creatures??  I have been desiring some focus and all I see (and chase) are squirrels.  In fact, it’s almost midnight the night before this blog post will go public and I just got off the phone with the the GoDaddy helpline.  As I was talking with the technician about my website, he asks “so what is it you sell?  What service do you provide?”  I was very honest and shared that this very answer has been eluding me lately.

I’ve been marketing for over 17 years and I can help you Rebecca.” – GoDaddy technician

“Well thank you, but if I knew exactly what I was doing… don’t you think I would be doing it?” – Me

My first advice to you, which you’ll see in the email you just received, is ‘get really clear on what you offer’ and then call me so I can help you get it done. You have a beautiful website, everyone needs help improving their life, and it appears to me that you have a grasp on what you want to offer. Get clear and call me Rebecca.” – GoDaddy technician

I mean, if the Universe is going to take a direct route to tell me what it is I need to be doing, and doing it pronto, then this midnight chat could not be more clear.

To that end, I’m going to hyper focus on what I want to offer, how I want to offer it, and what you will receive from my labors.  I’m pretty sure this technician, a big stack of books, a journal, some training and I are about to get really intimate.  I’ve been preparing to hyper focus my efforts with a little help from The 12-Week Year.  Have you used this style of focus?   I would love to hear from you!

There will also be some changes around here on my site and fewer, but more consistent, blog posts.  I’ve not been sitting idle in my silence.  I’ve been hatching a clear and intentional plan….while recognizing my penchant for squirrel chasing.   Ok, here’s more on those damn varmints and what’s changing around here…..



Thank You, Sweetheart

Thank You, Sweetheart

“If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love.” – Maya Angelou

Hello Beautiful,

I am a sucker for Valentine’s Day.  It started innocently enough in  elementary school.  Decorating one of my Grandpa’s cigar boxes (with the flip up lid) with lace, pink tissue paper, doilies, glueing on candy hearts, and then preparing my valentine’s cards for each classmate.   Did you do this?

This is the essence of Valentine’s Day to me, gratitude for my friends!!

This day that many call a “Hallmark Holiday” is admittedly a great venture in marketing.  The essence of today, to me, is the same.  I want you to know how very special you are and how wonderful life is with you in the world. Today’s video is a love note from me to you….  MUAH!!

Fear The Whisper

Fear The Whisper

“If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie

Hello Fearless,

Have you ever wanted something sooooo bad?  I mean so bad that you would do ANYTHING to have it?  Have you committed and achieved it?

Did you commit with your everything and then NOT achieve it?

I am the first to share that I’ll jump in with my everything, tell EVERYONE what I’m going to do, and then quietly, silently, and peacefully walk away from that goal.  It’s taken me a while to understand how I can be so sure in the beginning only to not see it become reality.  The revelation of the real “why” behind not reaching my goal became crystal clear in a few simple words.

“If it’s exhausting, you might not be doing it right. Fun shouldn’t be exhausting.”

This simple advice came from a friend when I was sharing my exhaustion with the dating world. Dating is supposed to be fun, but instead I was finding it to be draining.  When my friend gave me this simple advice, it clicked for me.  It isn’t that the activities that feel draining are actually exhausting.  It’s the fear behind those activities that drain me.

That’s why I have walked away from my goals, dreams, and desires.  It’s not that achieving them is exhausting, it’s that I listen to that little whisper of fear.  The fear that tells me achieving those goals, going on those dates, losing that weight, or striving for my personal dream of being a coach isn’t going to bring me the happiness I think that it will.  So why not accept where I am and stay content with my current level of success, happiness, or freedom.

Not today my fearless friend. Today I’m committing to my future, my happiness, and my success.

The picture included with this weeks post is my commitment to change.  I’ll be sharing my last picture, in 80-days, when I finish my first quarter goal of completing an intense fitness program.  I will also share all of the lessons learned while facing my fears, pursuing my happiness, and living in happiness instead of fear.

Watch here to see first hand all that fear can touch and how you can flip it to your favor.

Bad Luck = Good Karma

Bad Luck = Good Karma

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” – Steve Jobs

Hello Lucky Beauty,

I hope that this year is treating you wonderfully so far.  I hope that all of your goals are being reached, your health is improving, your relationships are thriving, your finances are flourishing, and your joy is overflowing and filling the lives of all around you.  Just in case this is not your current reality, allow me to shed some light on a distinct possibility.

You may be experiencing your very own “Run of Three”.

What is a “Run of Three”?  I’m so glad you asked.

My personal Run of Three occurs every year between January and April.  It is a rapid fire series of three unfortunate events.  My Run of Three usually includes a mechanical – auto incident, a physical incident, and the “wild card” incident.  I first became aware of this occurrence in 2001.

Here’s how it all went down, within 1 weeks time …

  • I had a weekday off from work and I asked a group of my super responsible friends to play hookie from their jobs so that we could go skiing / snowboarding.  We were on the gondola at Steamboat Springs by 9:00am.  By 10:00am, I was in the emergency room with a broken arm.
  • A few days later while driving to work, with my arm in a cast, I passed through an intersection and a teenager in the turn lane failed to yield to oncoming traffic. He side swiped my car and totaled it in the middle of the intersection.
  • Yet a little later that week, I went to my previously scheduled dentist appointment.  The dentist shared that I needed a root canal and what was left of my tooth would require a crown.  Cha-ching!!

See how this “Run of Three” works?

I only see my Run of Three after it is completed.  I can’t see it while I am in the midst of it.

Here’s what I have learned from these years of personal experience.

I used to be really upset about this occurrence in my life.  Then it dawned on me that I actually live a fairly fortunate life.  My friends call me “lucky”.  I have a strange sense of confidence when I know that I’m going to win something.  It’s a flutter of foreboding in my stomach that tells me my name will be called in a contest, my winning ticket will be pulled from the raffle fishbowl, or my ringing phone is a call that I need to answer.

My rationale?  This Run of Three is my annual payment of misfortune to insure my good luck for the rest of the year.  Call it Rebecca Logic.

Do you have a similar event in your life?   I would LOVE to hear from you if you do!!!

Here’s this years Run of Three.  Sure to secure me a very fortunate year indeed!!



New Year’s Overhwhelm

New Year’s Overhwhelm

“That it will never come again is what makes life sweet” – Emily Dickinson

Hello Fresh Starter,

Welcome to 2018 and ALL of the possibilities that it holds!  Am I the ONLY person to get excited, set the goals, and THEN be overtaken with overwhelm?

New beginnings always bring obstacles to get past, confidence to build, and opportunities for growth.  With all of those possibilities, it can be daunting to sort which direction to go and to not become disabled with the banquet of options.   The best way to get started and stay on track is to put a few simple things into place.

Accountability and Consistency will ensure your success.

Here are the keys that I’ll be putting to use this year…

  • Weekly Accountability Meeting – WAM!
    • I have a lovely fellow entreprenuer accountability partner that I meet with every Saturday.  We discuss our previous weeks goals, achievements, short comings, and what we will do different to be better the next week.
  • Consistency
    • This is the BIGGEST tool to your long term success.  Simple daily adherence to change, over the long term, will get you to your goal.  Much faster than a short, big scale burst will ever achieve.
  • Short-term Goals
    • My 2018 goals are broken into quarters (Jan – Mar / Apr – Jun / Jul – Sept / Oct – Dec) so that my focus and results are more noticeable.  My end of year achievements will be much larger than if I try to follow-thru on a huge full year goal.
  • Simplicity
    • This year, let go of the things that do not feed your soul with joy.  I am releasing some “energy sucks” that I have spent far too much time and energy being distracted by in 2017.  My time and focus will be better spent on my true passions – travel, coaching, and sharing my story in hopes that you find yourself in my experiences.  I want to dive deep into friendships and connection within my community.

Please join me (and support my new years drive to make change) over at my facebook page.  ENGAGE with me…. I won’t know that I am serving you if you don’t talk to me.  Here’s where you can find me > Rebecca’s Amazing Journey!

Here’s my video message to you…. and a thank you for your patience.