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“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” ― Mark Twain

The greatest memories from my childhood are made over a GIANT Sears Christmas catalog.  Every year the “Sears Christmas Wish Book” would be delivered to my grandparents mail box.  It weighed about 5 pounds, was loaded with all of the amazing sparkle and shine that a little girl could want, and my sister and I would scour it cover-to-cover.   The “rule” was that anything that we wanted was to be touched.  Imagine how exhausting it is to go through 500+ pages of wish list with 2 girls pointing and saying “I want that one…that one…that one.”   Instead we would sit silently and take turns touching the picture of the dress, shoes, doll, purse, or jewelry that we want.

Why is this such a great memory?

Because the hours that we would go over every page in detail was the opportunity to DAYDREAM. Isn’t that the true gift of every book?  The ability to take you somewhere else, experience another place or existence all within the realm of your minds eye.  That truly is the beauty of the written word and guided story.  THAT is why I lead Book Clubs.  We all read the same book and experience it differently then come together weekly to share our different views.

Every new book is an opportunity to discover a new world – a world of your own making – design – your own desire.

Do you have a favorite book or good recommendation?

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